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WIred/WIreless Networking

Many home users and businesses require different kinds of network setups. There are wireless or cable networks. We have experience in both. Contact us today to get your network setup. Even if you already have your network but often have connection issues we can help you. We can help you maintain consistency, save time and money.

House Calls

We can come to your house for the majority of our services. Training, network setup, printer issues, and troubleshooting.

Security Cameras

We provide security cameras for both business and residential. Security cameras are a good way to protect you and your property. Our security camera systems are easy to use and can be accessed remotely from anywhere you may be traveling.

Virus Removal

Viruses can cause a lot of frustration. In today's technology world there are a lot of bad guys out there trying to make your life difficult. Has your computer become extremely slow? Lost internet connection. Always getting pop-ups while on the internet? Mose likely your computer is infected. We can help with that.

Remote Support

We access your computer remotely and troubleshoot and fix your computer issues. Remote Access Repair is a convenient service we offer to our clients. Simply go to bcc.tech and download our software. Once installed give us a call to connect and resolve your computer issues.


An Evaluation and diagnostics is done on your computer to improve the performance of your computer either through software or hardware upgrades. 

Hardware Replacement

Computer hardware failures can happen for a variety of reasons. From standard wear and tear to power surges. We replace hardware in PC's and Laptops.


Training 1 on 1

Software is always changing. Just when a person gets software figured out, an update or new version comes out. Then there is a new learning curve. We strive to stay on top of the latest software and technology. Contact us today to provide you with one on one software/computer training you need.

Managed Online Backup Service

Want peace of mind that your important data is backed up and secure. We offer managed backup service to make sure you dont loose that data. Weather its ransomware or a hard drive failure we have you covered.


In todays technology world there are thousands of software programs. If we dont stock something you are look for ask us and we will see if we can get it for you.

We currently stock MS Office, Quickbooks and Quicken.

Not sure how to install software you just purchased. Bring it by and we can install it for you.

Data Backup and Recovery

Files can be lost from hard drive crashes, viruses or accidental deletion.

If your hard drive crashes or some how you have lost your data files and you have not ran a backup of your files recently we have the capability to restore your files.

We are partnered with File Savers which gives us advanced technology for recover data.